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Blue Nano Technologies LLC. is a fresh face in the water remediation sector bringing forth an extraordinary and proven technology and experienced professionals to manage the growth of the business.  The Blue Nano Technology was developed in Japan by Anzai Kantetsu Co. Ltd. and generates the ultra-fine nano-bubbles that are superior to any other nano-bubble technology being promoted in the water remediation or treatment sectors.  Blue Nano Technologies has the exclusive rights to distribute the patented Anzai nano-bubble oxygen/ozone technology (nano-bubble system) in defined markets in the United States.  

Blue Nano Technologies has deployed the first 400 gallons per minute nano-bubble system in the United States to treat the invasive algae blooms that have created a public health hazard where people and animals are prohibited from entering lakes and ponds for fear of becoming ill.  This is a top concern for many city, county, state and federal agencies as well as homeowner associations and golf courses just to name a few.  The nano-bubble system being offered by Blue Nano Technologies can now provide a solution to public and private firms that is both effective and efficient.  

Some basic advantages of the Blue Nano Technologies nano-bubble system are the size and density of the nano-bubbles, the low amount of energy it takes to operate the system, and the scalability of the system. Each nano-bubble system generates nano-bubbles to upwards of 1,500 gallons per minute. Multiple nano-bubble systems can be used on larger scale projects, increasing the output of nano-bubbles, while keeping the system footprint to a minimum. Infusing these nano-bubbles with ozone creates a potent disinfectant in applications that remediate algae, bacteria, toxins and viruses found in many bodies of water and restores the biological balance.  This process of infusion is 100% natural and uses no chemicals.  

By combining this sophisticated technology and experienced employees, Blue Nano Technologies is in the best position to carry out its mission of bringing solutions to purifying the world’s water.  Working with its research and distribution partners, Blue Nano Technologies sees endless opportunity to improve the water quality in ponds, lakes, bays, and along shorelines. 

Blue Nano Technologies is operationally backed by a global company and is capable of providing timely service across the United States.




Is this safe?

Yes, the Blue Nano system is operated by our highly trained technicians in the field and is monitored during the entire time of operation.


What does the system do?

It will effectively eliminate HAB’s (harmful algae blooms) as well as increase the overall health of the water column by increasing DO (dissolved oxygen) levels.


Can this fix red tide?



Does it affect marine life?

No. According to testing conducted by independent third parties there were no adverse effects on marine life. In fact, the Blue Nano system will increase the overall health of marine life in the treated area by increasing dissolved oxygen levels.


Has this technology been used before?

Yes, it has been operated in multiple countries with different variations of the Anzai Nano-bubbler.


What flow rates can you treat?

So far there are individual systems that can treat up to 1584 gpm. It is possible to run multiple systems at the same time in order to scale up flow rates.


What chemicals are used?

None. The Blue Nano system requires absolutely no chemicals or additives other than oxygen O2 and ozone O3.


How large it the equipment?

We can fit the self-contained unit into a small trailer (approximately 20ft long) that is easily moved by a ¾ ton pick-up truck.


Are there any harmful or dangerous byproducts created by the treatment?



How long does it take to stage and start the treatment?

Treatment can typically be started in 1-2 hours after arrival depending on proximity to the water source.

Does the system require special permits to operate or transport?

Mostly no. If operating on private land that does not connect to navigable waterways there is no permit required to operate. There are no permits required for transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions
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