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Michael Peelish, President 

As a former mining industry executive for publicly traded firms, Michael was faced with managing environmental, sustainability and safety issues every day.  Michael brings that business acumen and experience to managing the environmental concerns associated with water remediation which fits well into how Blue Nano wants to be methodical and effective in its growth.

Barry Hinton, VP of Operations 

Barry Hinton has worked in water and soil remediation in the US and internationally nearly his entire career.  Combining Barry’s education as a degreed electrical engineer with his knowledge of the nano-bubble technology and his competencies as a project management, places Blue Nano in the best position to provide a quality service to its customers.

Chris Spaulding, Director of Operations 

Chris Spaulding has worked with water remediation in the oil and gas services industry.  Chris’ background includes working as a US Coast Guard Active Duty Boatswain Mate conducting port security and surveillance operations as well as a career in law enforcement.  Since joining the water remediation industry, Chris has worked on deployment, operations and maintenance of advanced oxidation systems using ozone technology along with in-situ aeration applications.  

Greg Chapas, Director of Sales 

During Greg’s career, he has worked in various sales positions both in and outside the marine industry. 

His most recent work has been as a water treatment consultant responsible for testing, selling and implementing treatment programs for industrial process water.  This experience coupled with his operational knowledge of and prior sales of the nano-bubble ozone technology places Greg in the best position to prospect for potential customers.   

Satoshi Anzai, Inventor 

Learn more about the inventor's nano-bubble solutions and technology here

Micheal Peelish
Barry Hinton
Chris Spaulding
Greg Chapas
Mr. Anzai
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